Dominican Republic: Mobile INESPRE warehouses traverse the country with low-priced produce and poultry

This Wednesday, the Price Stabilization Institute (INESPRE) mobile warehouses began to arrive in some areas of West Santo Domingo and the National District, with more affordable prices for the people of these neighborhoods.

One of the novelties of this modality that seeks to offer Dominican families food products at a lower cost is the sale of three or four pounds of chicken at RD$125, following the Government’s agreement with poultry farmers last Monday in Moca.

It was 11:00 in the morning when an Inespre truck arrived at Rafael Augusto Sanchez Street, corner Jose Tapia Brea, to sell rice at RD$18/pound, Creole potato at RD$18, red onion at RD$25, Gira bean at RD$45, sugar at RD$20 and ham at RD$50/pound.

Estela de León, a lady in her 60s, was the first in line to buy, and when she saw the chicken that the Inespre worker was handing her, she shouted, “What a big chicken!” The price is right and full of excitement, she kept buying and called her neighbor “Chea” (another elderly lady) to take advantage of the offers.

Estela also bought one of the combos, which cost RD$299 and contained a four-pound chicken, two pounds of rice, two pounds of gira beans, a pound of yellow onion, and a package of spaghetti.


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