Suriname: Regarding Bouterse: this is what it says in the Dutch secret archives

On January 29, 2021, another court hearing will be held in the default case of Desi Bouterse regarding the December murders. We can already tell you what he will stutter in fits and starts to say to Mrs. Judge, whose authority he never wanted to acknowledge. He will say that the Netherlands played a major role in the December murders and that his innocence is hidden in the secret Dutch archives. That the secret Dutch archives will prove his innocence is a gross deception and folly.

The secret archives deal with the involvement of the then seconded Dutch military mission in Suriname (including Colonel Hans Valk) before, during and after the coup d’état of 25 February 1980. The final conclusion of that report can be downloaded here .

This document comes from the secret file. In the entire final report, not a single word is mentioned about the December murders, and even less about the Dutch involvement in them. The December murders have not been the subject of investigation, nor has the Dutch role in it.

First he tried to burden his dead comrades by passing the blame on to them, because they cannot prove otherwise. You really have to be a coward and have “drey ai” to do this. This tactic has been dismissed by the judge, so he is now looking for other fallacies.


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