Jamaica: Vaccine Race – Local Businesses Join Hunt For Jab As Global Rivals Threaten Drugmakers

Despite Jamaica’s expectation of receiving more than 900,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine for the first phase of the roll-out set for April, the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) cautioned on Wednesday that it could not commit to the timelines and amounts for the 190 countries under the COVAX Facility.

That revelation comes in the wake of a global race for the life-saving jab amid a pandemic that has infected more than 100 million people globally and killed 2.1 million. Jamaica’s coronavirus deaths climbed to 342 on Tuesday and overall cases to 15,241.

The country’s main private-sector lobbies announced on Wednesday that they were partnering with the Government in the acquisition of vaccines, pledging as well to offer logistical assistance that could be crucial in efficient deployment nationwide. The pact will cover transportation and storage; resourcing of administration, marketing, and public relations; and the allocation of trained inoculators, Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica spokesman Christopher Zacca said.


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