Jamaica: Earth Today | Westmoreland farmers to earn millions from oyster farm

THE NEWLY formed Western Supreme Oyster Farm Group in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, is projected to earn up to $5 million annually from a new oyster farm, which was handed over to them last week.

The oyster farm project is a partnership with the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation (WMC), under the Climate Change Adoption and Risk Management Technology and Strategies to Improve Community Resilience (CARTS) project, funded by the Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB’s) Community Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (CDRRF).

The CDRRF is a multi-donor trust fund with grant resources from Global Affairs Canada and the European Union that is managed by the CDB.

“These three oyster racks are expected to harvest between 2,400 and 6,000 dozen oysters per year, with an expected market value of $2.5 million to $5 million. This livelihood-enhancement initiative will provide income for the 10 members of the oyster farming group, and through the trickle-down effect will benefit hundreds of households in the project communities,” stated Shadae Allen, project manager at the WMC.


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