4 ways travel will be different in 2021, according to Airbnb

It’s obvious that the coronavirus pandemic changed travel as we know it, in that it abruptly ceased to exist for a year. Forget getaways to Paris; getting to the park down the street felt just as foreign.

But now that vaccines are developed, normal life feels like it could once again be possible, perhaps, even, within this year! And as people anticipate resuming things they love—dining in restaurants, reading in cafes, gathering with family and friends—getting the hell out of Dodge also tops the list, according to a new  report from Airbnb.

“Travel will be viewed as an antidote to isolation and disconnection,” wrote Airbnb, which pulled together insights gleaned from a year of data spanning mid-2019 to late 2020 and a public poll conducted in December 2020. According to its findings, travel is the out-of-home activity Americans have missed the most, with 54% planning to travel in 2021. But their trips will look a little different from pre-pandemic times.

Here’s how:


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