4 simple steps for negotiating a higher salary

Negotiating the salary when you’re being offered a job can feel uncomfortable. If you don’t, though, you may be leaving money on the table. A survey of hiring managers by the staffing firm Robert Half found that 36% are more likely (and 50% are equally likely) to negotiate salary with new hires than they were the year before. The key is to take emotion out of the equation, say Melanie Feldman and Anna Schuliger, cofounders of Get Hired, an online job search course geared to young professionals.

“A lot of candidates feel they don’t have the right to negotiate, especially after the economy of the last year,” says Schuliger. “They may think there isn’t room to ask for more or that they have to be thankful for any offer. But you do have the right and you deserve fair compensation.”

They key to understanding what kind of negotiating power you have is to take the emotion out of the process and focus on facts. “Money is personal, but when you’re presented with research you can understand what your value is,” says Feldman, who is the coauthor of Bold: Get Noticed, Get Hired.


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