Suriname: Police will monitor compliance with COVID-19 measures more strictly

Mobility among citizens is still high and therefore police control will be stepped up. There will be more roadblocks, Justice and Police (Juspol) Minister Kenneth Amoksi said during the online press conference yesterday. During the meeting, his colleague from Public Health, Amar Ramadhin, shared the tightened COVID-19 measures with society. Two weekend lockdowns are on the way.

Amoksi went on to say that the fines for violating the COVID-19 measures have also been adjusted. He indicated that the law enforcement officers will mainly focus on loitering youth for the supermarkets who consume alcohol. According to the Juspol top man, it has been established that many foreign nationals visit Suriname illegally, via schooners.

The police will also take action against those who try to circumvent the lockdown by moving to the resorts. They are being closely monitored, Amoksi emphasized. The police will not hesitate to act there as well.

The chief of justice also addressed the dispensation letters. More than 29,000 new requests have already been received since the re-registration was closed on January 15. As of February 1, the COVID brigade will do the digital check. Persons who have been granted dispensation will only be able to move within the designated area.


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