Suriname: More than 160 kilos of yami found at Jules Sedney Harbor complex

Members of the Post Control Unit, who work at the Jules Sedney New Port complex, yesterday encountered four bags containing yami weighing just over 160 pounds. The bags were discovered in a cargo vehicle that was about to drive out. The nefarious stuff was hidden in the cabin of the vehicle. Four people have been arrested.

The Narcotics Brigade of the Suriname Police Corps and the Customs Investigation Service were called in. After investigating the batch of yami, it was confiscated. The 35-year-old driver CZ was immediately arrested. Following his statement to the police, three men working at a company on the port came into the picture.

These three employees ED (30), VN (34) and the 28-year-old MD were also arrested. The four suspects were taken to the police station for arraignment. After consultation with the Public Prosecution Service, the men were placed in custody pending the investigation.


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