NYC: Manhattan DA candidate wants more cops on subways to combat crime spike

Democratic Manhattan DA candidate Liz Crotty said the city needs to hire 500 more cops to protect straphangers from an uptick in violent crime on the subways.

In an op-ed that appeared Tuesday on the news site City Limits, Crotty wrote that the citywide lockdown had spurred “an alarming trend of violent activity on our trains” — including homicide, felony assault, robbery and rape.

Subway crime was up 34 percent in 2020 compared to 2019, according to the piece.

“This issue isn’t political,” she wrote. “It’s about public safety. Providing more transit officers is a common sense way to ensure New Yorkers are safer on their way to and from work.”

She continued, “The goal is not to increase arrests, but rather to allow commuters the peace of mind to securely use our transit system and persist through these difficult times without continuously fearing for their lives.”


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