Jamaica: JPS Improves Power Reliability By 30 Per Cent

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) is reporting an improvement in power reliability by 30% over the past 12 months.

The utility company said the frequency of unexpected power outages fell by roughly a third.

“Over the period January to December 2020, the frequency of unplanned outages fell from an average of 11 times to an average of 8 times per year. There are, however, thousands of customers who very rarely experience unplanned outages. The Company attributes this growing success in reliability to the increased use of smart grid technology; improved equipment management; and use of more scientific approaches to vegetation management along JPS lines,” a statement from the company read.

The Company noted that while there was a reduction in the number of outages, the duration of some service interruptions were impacted by weather conditions, such as the lingering outer bands of Tropical Storms Laura, Eta and Zeta.


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