Jamaica: Jamaican Couple Keeping Culture Alive In Japan

Jamaicans Candice Johnson-Rowe and Marvin Rowe have called the high-rise and fast-paced country, Japan, their home for more than 10 years.

It was Johnson-Rowe who first made the 8,035-mile journey away from her birthplace in Yallahs, St Thomas, in March 2009.

A graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica, Johnson-Rowe began working as an insurance agent after leaving school, a job she enjoyed for only a few months before clients started defaulting on their policies, which affected her partly commission-based salary.

As a result, she began job hunting, but to no avail and decided to give in to the encouragement of her lecturer in Basic Japanese, who had been appealing to her since graduation to apply to teach English in Japan.

Johnson-Rowe was successful on her second attempt but had difficulty coming to terms with the fact that she would be leaving her family, friends, boyfriend and church family behind.


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