Jamaica: Golding, Holness Clash Over Murders, Mystery Plane

Opposition Leader Mark Golding and Prime Minister Andrew Holness traded barbs in Parliament on Tuesday over the country’s crime management and the mystery plane that crash-landed in Rocky Point, Clarendon, at the weekend.

The occupants of the plane are still missing and no cargo was found on board.

Tongues have been set wagging over the plane’s operation, as it has emerged that it was deregistered and its seats removed.

Golding demanded that the prime minister speak to the nation, as there was a sense the country was on autopilot while murderers terrorised communities with little response from the Government.

Golding, who is member of parliament for the gritty St Andrew Southern constituency where a double murder was committed on Tuesday, said he was concerned that there was no coherent strategy laid out to rein in killers.

“The whole nation is anxious to see how this is going to be addressed. The level of insecurity out there is growing, and it must be responded to with an effective response,” Golding demanded.


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