Suriname: Dark racism financed with Dutch state resources

This morning I was amazed to watch the most watched daily, current affairs program in the Netherlands: “Goedemorgen Nederland” on NPO 1 and I was very annoyed by the enormous racism that was spread all over the Netherlands by the presenter and Telegraaf journalist Wierd Duk. Everything was about the riots in many cities and everything was blamed on immigrants.

It was immigrant youth who were responsible for everything. That was the message. The sad thing is that since the corona measures were announced, riots have been raging in various Dutch places. And in most cases, these riots are caused by native white youth.

Stein is a small village in Limburg, without immigrants. Kampen is entirely in the hands of white youth. The riot youth in Urk consist of white people, without a single immigrant. In the Drentsche Coevorden there is riot without immigrants. The same in Hoogersmilde in Drenthe. In the attack on a hospital in Enschede, it concerned white youths. In the Northern Netherlands, Zeeland, but also in Geleen, it was only native white young people, because in all these places no immigrants live. They don’t talk about that. There is no mention of that.


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