Haiti: Students Try To Raise Ransom To Free Schoolmate To No Avail

A student and a teacher at Philanthropy Mixed High School were kidnapped on Saturday in front of the school in Route de Frères, Port-au-Prince. 

Kidnappers killed the teacher and threathened to murder student Marly, 16, too if her family doesn’t pay the ransom, according to Philanthropy Mixed High School students on Radio Tele Eclair on Monday.

Since Marly’s family was unable to provide the entire ransom, the students fundraised to help. They still fell short of their goal, therefore asked the school to complete it. The school wasn’t able to provide the rest of the money so the students took to the streets.

High school and elementary students were also demanding that kidnappers release Sherley Magloire, a teacher at the Academy for Peace. Magloire was released on Tuesday.


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