Dominican Republic: The 911 system does not “listen” to noise-reporting calls

For some years now, the National System of Emergency Attention and Security 911 calls are received to report noise pollution violations. This is where the process begins, which is not always carried out. The reason? God knows. It is unknown if the Anti-Noise Department of the National Police does not receive the report or ignores the report when it is received.

Until a few weeks ago, you called 911 and spoke with an operator, who assured you that they would go to control the noise in your sector or residential area. Now, when you dial, the answering machine tells you that you must hit option two to report noise, which according to Maximo Cabrera, they never answer. He has lived this experience on more than one occasion and has never been given a solution to the problem. He lives near El Bolsillo, a small neighborhood in Ensanche Quisqueya.

Given the high incidence of noise in the country, Listín Diario was interested in knowing what measures the authorities will take to combat the becoming increasingly disturbing problem. The response is from Magistrate Francisco Contreras, Attorney General of the Courts, and head of the Specialized Attorney for the Defense and Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources, who announced that starting tomorrow, they will begin a work plan in coordination with the Anti-Noise Department of the National Police to provide a solution.


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