Suriname: President Santokhi: “Wan ogri tyari wan bun, I am resting very well now”

“Don’t worry or worry. I’m well looked after, ”said President Chan Santokhi. The president tested positive for the COVID-19 virus yesterday. In an audio message, the head of state lets you know that he is doing well and at the same time thanks everyone for the many well-wishings, blessings and prayers. He has not yet shown any symptoms of illness, he says.

He is currently in home isolation at Lelydorp. Santokhi explains that everything has been adapted to its environment. The people around him have also been tested for the virus. He is pleased to learn that the ministers are not yet positive. First lady Melissa Santokhi has also been tested negative.

He will also follow the route set out by the medical team. The team has conducted the necessary investigations and everything has been done within the established standards. Despite showing no symptoms, he must submit to the protocols so that he can prevent the further spread of the virus and avoid infecting humans.

“I see that my yard is becoming a vegetable garden,” he says because people have sent him fruit. He appreciates this and notices that he needs it so that his resistance becomes stronger. Everything will be fine. As far as the government of the country is concerned, everything is going on as normal.


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