Suriname: Neglected buildings EW are tackled

Minister of Public Works (OW) Riad Nurmohamed recently said during a working visit to the Brokopondo district that he will tackle the neglected buildings. “What we have found is sad,” said the minister. The minister makes orientation visits to various districts. All districts can expect a visit from the OW CEO.

The purpose of these visits is to find out what facilities EW has in the districts and to speak to staff personally. In collaboration with district commissioner (DC) Ludwig Mendelzoon, we are examining how the activities in this district can be tackled.

According to the minister, work will be done on setting up a head office. The other buildings will be cleared, he said. Furthermore, the Minister intends to set up an OW office in each district. In some districts this facility is already there. According to the minister, in the past department heads and coordinators traveled daily to a district for control activities. The intention is to work as much as possible within the framework of the district itself.


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