Jamaica: House-To-House Search In Rocky Point To Locate Occupants Of Crash-Landed Plane

Senior Superintendent Glenford Miller, commanding officer of the Clarendon Police, said that an intelligence-based operation involving a house-to-house search in Rocky Point, Clarendon will continue today.

Miller told The Gleaner that the objective of the operation is to locate the occupants of the 12-seater plane that crash-landed on the White Sand Beach Saturday evening. 

“Our investigations would have been followed by some operations and all of that is piloted and championed by our intelligence that we have been receiving from intelligence persons,” said Miller.

He lamented that information on the contents of the aircraft, why it landed in the fishing village and it’s occupants remain an unsolved puzzle.

Superintendent Christopher Phillips who has oversight of operations at the May Pen Police Station told our newsroom yesterday that residents reported seeing two men who appeared Caucasian, being assisted from the aircraft.


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