Dominican Republic: Government signs agreement to reduce the price of chicken

President Luis Abinader signed an agreement with poultry producers on Monday that seeks to reduce the chicken price.

During the signing of a pact between public institutions and agricultural sectors, the president affirmed that with the agreement mentioned above, an ambitious food security plan is launched that guarantees food at affordable prices and within all country citizens’ reach.

“We commit to the producers that through direct commitments they will sell to the Government, through the INESPRE, four million pounds of chicken at 50 pesos per pound; for its part, INESPRE undertakes to sell a whole chicken at 125 pesos per unit through mobile warehouses, its premises, premises of the Ministry of Agriculture and the placement of refrigerated containers in strategic places,” expressed the president.

The agreement also involves chicken processing plants to supply the National Institute for Price Stabilization (Inespre) with refrigerated trucks to transport the meat to where it is needed to provide in all areas of the country.

“Talking with Minister Limber, all these logistics will be applied as of Wednesday so that that day it can already be bought in most of the country and gradually everything at the price we have arranged,” added Abinader.

Also, work will be done to establish a strategic reserve of two million pounds of chicken to guarantee supply and price stability through a pledge program whose costs will be financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, added the president.


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