Air travel is about to get more complicated. Here’s how United Airlines is making things easier

Traveling by plane isn’t what it used to be. You can, of course, blame COVID-19 for that. Since the first months of the pandemic, new mandates and restrictions have been put in place by both governments and the airlines themselves. From mandatory masks to negative COVID-19 test requirements to full-on travel bans, it can be hard to navigate what you need before you can step foot on a plane.

And things are only set to get more confusing as the CDC enacts new travel guidelines tomorrow and countries around the world alter their travel restrictions in the face of new threats from COVID-19 variants, such as the new South African strain. There’s even the possibility that as vaccinations roll out more widely, some countries will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination before travel in the near future.

That’s where United Airlines and its new Travel-Ready Center come in. It’s an app- and web-based tool that allows travelers to access a one-stop shop of all the requirements they need to meet before stepping foot on their flight. Broadly speaking, the tool aims to demystify these confusing requirements based on your destination.


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