NYC: Neighbor of Brooklyn ‘serial killer’ victim calls allegations ‘hard to believe’

A resident of the building where a handyman was accused of murdering three elderly women said she never saw any “bad qualities” in him — and called the allegations against him “hard to believe.” 

A 69-year-old woman who lived on the sixth floor of the Carter G. Woodson Houses building, where the most recent victim, 78-year-old Juanita Caballero, was discovered with a cord around her neck Jan. 15, said the alleged killer Kevin Gavin, 66, is well known in the building.

“He runs around and helps everyone,” said the resident, who declined to give her name. “He fixed things for you. He took out people’s old furniture. He asked people for money. He would ask you to loan money and he paid you back. At least he did to me.”

“I don’t see any bad qualities,” she added. “I never saw him get angry.”


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