Jamaica: NWA: 12 MPs Yet To Spend From Christmas Road-Patching Fund

Eyebrows were raised during Thursday’s meeting of the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) when works czar E.G. Hunter disclosed that only 22 per cent of members of parliament (MPs) have used the entire allocation for Christmas work programmes for patching roads in their constituencies.

Each constituency was allocated $7 million under the programme, part of which was designated for patching roads in the 63 constituencies across the country.

“Another 27 constituencies have started but have not completed, and 12 constituencies have not started any work under the patching programme,” Hunter, chief executive officer of the National Works Agency (NWA), revealed.

Hunter declined to disclose the names of the MPs who have been tardy in starting road-patching works but encouraged them to “bring some relief to the travelling public”.

Recounting that MPs had agitated for funds following the heavy rains in October and November 2020 to patch roads in their constituencies, PAAC Chairman Mikael Phillips said he was surprised that some elected representatives had fallen down on the job.

He said that even though the asphalt companies closed for some time in December, motorists should not be inconvenienced because of the tardiness of MPs in implementing the patching exercise.


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