Suriname: Ruling issue of Hooghart and Miskin in February

The lawsuit that a group of the Central National Servants Organizations (CLO) has brought against chairman Ronald Hooghart will be handled next month. The Collective of CLO member unions, as the group calls itself, demands that Hooghart not pretend to be chairman and representative of this organization. The judge in summary proceedings will rule on this case at the end of February.

Within the CLO there is currently a split in the board. The CLO is represented by the executive board, notes Michael Miskin, and Ronald Hooghart cannot determine what happens within the organization. Nor may he determine who is received by the government and who is not. “We represent a large part of the country servants and that is why we sent the letter. We are now waiting for the government, ”says Miskin.

According to him, neither party should represent the CLO. Hooghart cannot pretend to be CLO. He uses the forum of the Council of Trade Union Centers in Suriname (Ravakasur). “We fight that and say that the board has been torn in two. We have therefore filed a lawsuit against the High Heart for his non-statutory acts. He has done all kinds of things and indicated that he has disbarred the members of the Collective, but that is not valid because the case is in court, ”says Miskin.


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