Suriname: Activist Piqué: “Government has not done what it promised”

Yesterday activist Sibrano Piqué presented a petition with concerns to the president of the National Assembly, Marinus Bee. The activist who went to Flag Square with a crowd was not allowed to protest. The permit that Piqué had applied for had been rejected.

The well-represented police asked Piqué to observe the COVID-19 measures. If that didn’t happen, the police would be forced to act.

The activists are against President Chan Santokhi’s policies. According to them, life has become much more expensive. “We are having a very difficult time in the country. We can no longer keep our heads above water ”, they indicate.

The exchange rate for the US dollar is too high and going to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is not a good thing for them. They also like to see the civil servants paid.

Nor do they see any change after all the promises the government has made. “Un neh sjie no wang move fu deng mang. I don’t want to make mistakes that we made in the past.


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