Bahamas: Disney Cruise Line donates 230 tablets to Bahamian students on Eleuthera, Abaco

ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS — Hundreds of Bahamian students returning to school after the holiday break received new tablets donated by Disney Cruise Line.

Disney Cruise Line Vice President of Public Affairs Kim Prunty said: “Community leaders have shared their desire for students to continue to adapt to a technology-based learning environment.

“It is our hope that this donation will help provide students with the tools they need for academic success, both in the virtual environment and in the classroom.”

Disney Cruise Line donated 230 tablets to students in need throughout South Abaco and South Eleuthera. The tablets are intended not only to assist students with their day-to-day learning but improve their overall educational experience.

Eleuthera District Superintendent Michael Culmer said: “The Eleuthera District and Ministry of Education are very appreciative of Disney Cruise Line’s generosity.


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