Trinidad & Tobago: Man held after cursing, attacking officers and calling them thieves

A 25-year-old man is expected to face a slew of charges after he allegedly attacked two police officers in Penal.

The incident happened at about 5.30 pm on Monday, Loop News was told.

Two officers, PC Heeralal and PC Daly were responding to a report of a disturbance along Mora Drive, Sou Sou Lands.

Upon arriving at the scene, they met the suspect, who had a strong odour of alcohol about him. Officers said he was cursing loudly.

The officers identified themselves to the suspect and asked him to behave. However, the suspect began to curse at the officers and called them thieves.

The men then attempted to detain the suspect, however, he attacked the officers. In the process of the confrontation, he ripped the clothing of one of the officers and broke a link-gold chain valued at $2,500, that the officer was wearing.


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