Jamaica: COVID INJECTION – Coronavirus Fight Boosted, Fire Trucks Scratched As Budget Slashed By $3.5 Billion

The Holness administration has cut spending on education to help bolster its capacity to fight the coronavirus outbreak as Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke unveiled a $3.5-billion Budget shift for the 2020-2021 fiscal year when he tabled the third Supplementary Estimates of Expenditure in Parliament on Tuesday.

The $853.83 billion programmed for the fiscal year has been slashed to $850.24.

The money allocated to day-to-day, recurrent spending has been cut by a total of $2 billion, while the total amount to be spent on major projects and one-off acquisitions, capital expenditure, will be cut by $1.5 billion.

Clarke said that the reduction was a mix of expenditure cuts, shifting of payments, and expenditure increases to ensure a continued robust COVID-19 response.

Jamaica, as at Monday, recorded 14,419 coronavirus cases and 329 deaths as the country continues to buckle under economic stress in a balancing act to contain the disease.


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