Bahamas: Campbell says alleged child abuse video being investigated

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Minister of Social Services Frankie Campbell said yesterday an investigation has been launched into alleged child abuse at the Children’s Emergency Hostel.

This comes on the heels of a video being circulated on social media showing several adult women, purportedly at the children’s home, appearing to verbally scold a group of little boys before beating them.

Campbell said he was made aware of the video last night, noting that the Child Protection Council has begun an investigation that will be escalated if necessary.

“I want to make it clear that, in no way, form or fashion, do we support any form of abuse against children, adults, girls, boys, women — no form of violence or abuse,” he told reporters ahead of Cabinet.

“…As the minister responsible for the eight children’s homes, with approximately 150 children throughout the commonwealth, including Grand Bahama and Cat Island, it is my job to ensure that those children enjoy the full safety and comfort and security that the state has to offer.”


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