Trinidad & Tobago: $250K bail for employee who stole gun from President’s House

A 22-year-old civilian employee has been granted $250,000 bail after he appeared in court charged with the larceny of a firearm and ammunition from President’s House.

Kyle Scott appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Cherril-Anne Antoine at the Port-of-Spain Fifth Magistrates’ Court yesterday, charged with larceny of the firearm and ammunition at President’s House on January 13.

Scott was not called upon to plead as no recommendations were made. He was later granted bail in the sum of $250,000 to be approved by the Registrar or the Clerk of the Court.

The matter was postponed to February 15 and transferred to the Port-of-Spain 4B Court.

Scott is accused of stealing a Sig Sauer P226 and two magazines and 30 rounds nine millimetre ammunition from a locker in the male dormitory, secured there by a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment.

When the soldier returned later in the day, he discovered the locker broken into and the firearm and ammunition missing.

The service issued pistol and ammunition were recovered in a vehicle in Port-of-Spain. Scott was detained and after further investigations, was charged.


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