Suriname: Collective of CLO member unions is still awaiting invitation from the government

The Collective of CLO member unions is still waiting for an invitation from the Santokhi government. The leader of the Collective, Michael Miskin, says in conversation with Suriname Herald that his organization will still wait for the invitation from the government.

The Collective sent a letter to the government on January 11 asking to be received. However, he has not yet received a response from the government. If we are not received, then we will meet to decide what to do next, Miskin indicates.

“We also want to exchange ideas with the government about the measures that will be taken, such as the progress towards the IMF and the crisis recovery plan. We also want to make our knowledge and expertise available. The government has a round of wages and we want to know what it is going to give to the ‘lanti mangs’. We are a big part of the land servant organization and we also want to inform our people about what the government is doing, ”Miskin explains.


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