This startup wants to do the impossible: make healthy instant ramen

Okay, fine, I’ll admit it. I love instant ramen. When I’ve had a bad day or a sleepless night, nothing soothes my soul like a bowl of dirt-cheap, chemical-laden, carb-heavy noodles cooked up in two minutes flat. But like many fans, I’ve often felt guilty about chowing down on this highly processed food.

Enter Immi. The newly launched startup is on a mission to create a healthy version of instant ramen. The noodles are packed with 31 grams of plant protein from pumpkin seeds and fava beans (compared to 6 grams in traditional ramen), only 9 grams of carbs, and seasonings made from natural spices. But at $7 per serving, Immi’s noodles are about 10 times the price of the competition. Will lovers of instant ramen bite? (Or rather, slurp?)


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