These are the top-paying remote jobs and how you can land one

While the numbers have dropped since the onset of the pandemic, a lot of us are still working from home. According to a survey from Gallup, 33% of Americans are always working remotely and 25% are working remotely sometimes. Of those who work remotely, nearly two-thirds of would like to continue to do so.

While a study from GoTo and LogMeIn found that 62% of Americans would take a pay cut to work from home, working from home doesn’t have to lower your income. OneClass, a learning platform for college students, analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, PayScale, economic trends and workforce projections and identified top-paying remote annual salaries. These roles for educated knowledge workers offer a strong outlook today, as well as in a post-COVID world.


Many tech jobs came with good salaries before the pandemic, but the shift to digital solutions created an increased demand for IT pros who could develop and support new systems. These jobs can be done from home and come with strong average salaries.

  • Network Architect, $121,640 salary, 5% growth
  • Information Security Manager, $115,602 salary, 31% growth
  • Cloud Engineer, $95,961 salary, 15% growth
  • Software Developer, $71,590 salary, 22% growth


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