Suriname: Minister Somohardjo hears bottlenecks of BvBs

Burglaries, carrying equipment and defective air conditioners are some of the problems that Minister Bronto Somohardjo of the Interior Affairs (Biza) had to hear during his visit to the Bureaus for Civil Affairs (BvBs) Paramaribo-Center and Sipaliwini. The minister yesterday paid a working visit to these offices together with Anastatia Kanapé-Pokie, director of the Central Bureau for Civil Affairs (CBB).

The visit is in connection with the transformation policy that the minister, director of Biza and Kanapé-Pokie have for the CBB and its BvBs. Natasia Donoe, head of BvB Sipaliwini, has made it clear to the delegation that they have been working under difficult conditions for some time. The doors do not have proper locks and the furniture leaves a lot to be desired. The defective air conditioners in the building must be replaced as soon as possible, especially because it is a shed with no windows.

Minister Somohardjo indicated that work will be done on a better workplace. However, he asked for some time, but that there will be a solution is certain, the Biza CEO guaranteed. “There are arrears in landlord payments that need to be made up first,” said Somohardjo.


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