Suriname: Government wants to purchase ferries as a solution to the commewijne congestion problem

To solve the congestion problem in the Commewijne district, the government plans to purchase two ferries, which will reduce the pressure on the road to and from the bridge. President Chan Santokhi said this on 12 January during the regular instruction meeting with the management and Supervisory Board (RvC) of the NV Scheepvaart Maatschappij Suriname (SMS).

The shipping company has declined considerably in recent times. It is a huge challenge to make the company healthy again. The head of state has instructed the leadership of the SMS to present a strategic plan to the government at very short notice to restore the hollowed-out society.

Chairman of the Board, Lesley Daniël, indicated that the work discussion could be placed in the context of plotting lines to revive society. “We talked about the status the company is in now. The government has instructed us to consider options for getting back on the water, ”says Daniel.


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