You’re probably making these common communication mistakes. Here are 3 ways to fix them

For many of us, communication is confusing—especially now. There is a reason why so many companies are now investing in soft skills and communication training.

“In a survey of 2,800 senior managers at U.S. businesses,” the Wall Street Journal reported, “just under 40% said strategic changes prompted by COVID-19 required more frequent communications from leadership and improved collaboration within and across teams.”

Yet a recent McKinsey Global Survey found that “87% of executives said they were experiencing skill gaps-but less than half of the respondents had a clear sense of how to address the problem.”

Communication is rarely black and white and with so many grey areas, many of us wish we had a formula to instantly improve our communication. Rather than feeling daunted with the task of learning the finer points of the art of communication, here are three problems and the solutions you can implement now to improve your communication.


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