‘We got a long way to go’: Netflix releases its first company inclusion report

In 2017, Netflix added “inclusion” as one of its cultural values—and to no one’s surprise, there was valid reason to do so.

At the time, Netflix’s U.S. workforce included only 6% Hispanic/Latinx and and 3.8% Black employees. Asian representation fared better at 25.9%—but all of the above paled in comparison to the 46.1% of white employees.

Enter Vernā Myers, a diversity and inclusion consultant with 20 years experience who joined Netflix in 2018 as its VP of inclusion strategy.

“This company impressed me not because it was perfect, but because it is after perfection, it is after growth, it is after improvement,” Myers says.

Myers and her team have been tasked with elevating inclusion internally at Netflix across racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender, sexual orientation, and so forth. Part of Myers’ work has culminated in Netflix’s first ever inclusion report, breaking down where the company stands now and the roadmap it’s put forward to do better. Along with the report is the short film Sowing the Seeds, which includes interviews from Netflix’s top brass and creators for the platform.


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