Trinidad & Tobago: K9 unit helps in marijuana busts

Two trained dogs, which are used by the TT Police Services’ Canine Unit, were directly responsible in the seizure of over 600 grammes of marijuana yesterday. 

The operation took place between 3am and 8am, and also involved officers of the Port of Spain Division, under the supervision of W-ACP Rodriguez. The first find was made by a dog fondly referred to as ‘Sheriff’. 

The officers received information which led them to Pioneer Drive, Sea Lots. 

The dogs were let out and they found a bag to the side of the roadway which contained the drugs – which had a combined weight of 575 grammes. No one was held in connection with this find. 

The officers then received intelligence which led them to Sorrel Lane, Longdenville.  

Once again, the canines were deployed. This time, a canine called ‘Heart’ found a bag of drugs in some bushes off the roadway. The drugs had a total weight of 106 grammes. Once again, no one was arrested. 

However, police are expected to follow leads in connection with both finds to make arrests. 


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