NYC: NYC man busted with weapon stockpile allegedly threatened Warnock’s life

A wannabe Queens Proud Boy busted with a cache of weapons — including 75 knives –allegedly threatened the life of senator-elect Raphael Warnock hours before the US Capitol riot, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Eduard Florea, 40, allegedly commented on Parler “Dead men can’t pass shit laws” in response to another user’s post which stated, “F–K RAPHAEL WARNOCK LOSER,” according to a federal criminal complaint.

As the day unfolded, Florea posted more incendiary comments under the name LoneWolfWar.

“Let’s go…I will be reaching out to patriots in my area so we can come up with a game plan . . . Here in New York we are target rich…Dead men can’t pass shit laws…I will fight so help me god,” he allegedly wrote. “The time for peace and civility is over…3 cars full of armed patriots are enroute from NY/ 3 cars of armed patriots heading into DC from NY/ guns cleaned loaded…got a bunch of guys all armed and ready to deploy…we are just waiting for the word.”


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