Jamaica: Jamaica Looks To Cuba, India, China For More COVID Vaccines

Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton says more than 16 per cent of Jamaica’s population could be vaccinated against COVID-19 this year, if efforts to secure safe vaccines outside of the COVAX Facility materialise.

The Government has targeted some 480,000 Jamaicans (16 per cent) to be vaccinated in 2021 under the COVAX Facility.

“The idea is to see to what extent any sort of government-to-government arrangement would allow us access to some of their vaccines coming out of those countries where manufacturing takes place,” Tufton told The Gleaner last evening.

The minister announced in the House of Representatives yesterday that the Jamaican Government would be seeking to obtain safe vaccines from China, India and Cuba to protect the population from the virus.

He said that the Government’s efforts to access more vaccines would not take away from Jamaica’s commitment to obtain vaccines from the COVAX Facility.


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