Dominican Republic: Edesur and Evergo will ins,tall charging stations for electric vehicles

The companies Edesur Dominicana and InterEnergy Systems Dominicana, through their Evergo technology platform, signed an agreement to jointly enable electric vehicle charging stations in commercial points and residential areas.

The agreement was signed by the general manager of Edesur Dominicana, Milton
Morrison, and Roberto Herrera, of InterEnergy Systems, to promote electric mobility and correspond with the commitment that the country had assumed before the Climate Summit and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Milton Morrison stated that “this alliance is a step that may seem small, but it is gigantic because of what will happen in the coming years, and because of the strategic vision we have as a country to promote electric mobility.”

While Roberto Herrera pointed out that “electric mobility is here to stay and is allowing thousands of CO2 emissions to be reduced to the atmosphere, thanks to all those vehicle owners who have decided to make the leap to more sustainable mobility.”


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