These were the top 10 fastest growing websites in 2020

Website market intelligence firm SimilarWeb is out with an interesting report that highlights the fastest growing websites in 2020. The list was compiled by tracking the year-over-year traffic growth of websites that had at least 100,000 visits in 2019 and at least 100,000 million in 2020.

Here’s the top 10:

  1. The digital communities platform saw a staggering 700,702.5% growth in 2020. It went from 443,387 visits in 2019 to 3,107,267,589 in 2020.
  2. 71,655.0% growth. Thanks, Wonder Woman.
  3. The Korean-based software learning platform saw 48,212.8% growth.
  4. The NSFW porn gif site saw 18,350.8% growth.
  5. The site continuously tracks various metrics including world population, deaths, births, government spending, emails sent, and more. It grew 13,657.7% as people grew more curious about the world in 2020.
  6. The popular news aggregation site grew 6,463.9%.
  7. The 17-year-old torrent sharing site saw 5,074.2% growth in 2020. Lockdown peeps searching for more content to pass the time, perhaps?
  8. A Chinese media site grew by 4,729.7%.
  9. The Instagram-editing site saw a 2,904.5% growth in 2020.
  10. The Japanese media platform that allows users to post texts, images, and videos grew 2,052.0%.


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