These are some of the new jobs emerging in 2021 and beyond

With the acceleration of technology adoption, new business models, and increased demand for certain skills and roles within organizations, the pandemic has changed much about the way we work, but it has also changed the very jobs we’re doing.

One example is the effect of remote work on the roles needed. As Stephanie Vozza recently wrote for Fast Companymore companies are hiring a director of remote work—as a senior position that oversees the needs of remote workers, which have skyrocketed during the pandemic. The role isn’t entirely new, but the level of seniority and a wide range of responsibilities for such leaders, including one recently advertised by Facebook, shows emerging need.

But that’s not the only role that’s emerging. Here are some of the roles we’ll see emerge in 2021 and beyond.


The pandemic led to somewhat of a mobility boom. City dwellers cooped up in small apartments made their way to the suburbs. Some took advantage of remote work to make a long-wanted move. Indeed has seen a 600% growth in the listing for “relocation assistant” from 2017 to 2020. Before the pandemic, growth was fueled by company moves to secondary cities, mostly for tax savings and a lower cost of living. However, in 2020, local governments sought relocation assistants to help low-income people who were facing eviction or homelessness, an Indeed report found.


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