Jamaica: Bishop Calls On Holness To Declare Position On Abortion

Bishop Alvin Bailey, chairman of Jamaica CAUSE, is calling on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to publicly condemn calls for the legalisation of abortion even as one of his state ministers is asking for the issue to be placed back on the parliamentary agenda.

Junior Health and Wellness Minister Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn has expressed her desire to see the issue debated in Parliament following Argentina’s recent landmark ruling to legalise abortions up to 14 weeks.

The Olympian was rebuked by church officials and pro-life supporters after publicly declaring her support for abortion when she tabled a motion in the House of Representatives in 2018 to ensure that women have access to safe abortions.

“My views have remained the same. I think we need to be more progressive in our thoughts. I think we need to definitely change the laws. The laws have been there for a while. We have been trying to change them. Several ministers have tried to do so without success,” Cuthbert-Flynn told The Gleaner last week.

But Bailey would like Holness to “rein in” Cuthbert-Flynn for her public support of abortion and also declare where he stands on the matter.


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