Dominican Republic: “Trips without destination”: Dominican Republic, first in Latin America to offer them

The Dominican Republic will become the first in Latin America to offer the services of “flight to nowhere” or travel without a destination.

This trip will consist of flying over the national territory for one hour but under the same conditions as an international commercial flight, accessible to everyone without a passport or visa, and following current health protocols.

The launch will be handled by the Vacations Online platform (, where you can make your reservations. The flights will be carried out in an Airbus 321 aircraft, with a capacity of 220 passengers, which will include departure and arrival through an exclusive area of ​​the Las Américas International Airport.

Travel without a destination has been carried out since last year by some airlines in Asia, aimed at a target of the public who, apart from being frequent travelers, seek a moment of leisure amid the critical situation that the pandemic has brought about of the Covid-19. 

Among the countries that have been making this type of offer for some months are Japan, Taiwan, Brunei, and Australia.


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