Jamaica: StJMC Clamps Down On Greenwood Developers

The St James Municipal Corporation (StJMC) has placed stop orders on several multimillion-dollar developments under construction found to be in breach of the Building Act in Greenwood.

A team from the StJMC, led by Saadi Campbell, deputy superintendent in charge of the Road and Works Department, visited the community last Friday and found a number of breaches as they served developers with the stop orders.

One developer, Robert Stevens, may find himself losing millions of dollars after he was instructed by Campbell to demolish several sections of the perimeter wall at the entrance to his apartments.

Stevens had earlier told The Gleaner that he was in full compliance with the laws, but Campbell later told the developer that his entire site was in breach and he should cease construction immediately.

The road and works deputy superintendent informed the developer that he and other persons in the area were in breach of the Building Act.


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