Jamaica: HUGE GAP TO BRIDGE – Headmaster Estimates It Will Take Years To Recover From COVID Learning Loss

At least one high school principal has asserted that the lack of face-to-face engagement and limited cognitive stimulation has accounted for significant learning loss among students.

Principal of Cumberland High School in St Catherine, Darien Henry, told The Gleaner that 191 Primary Exit Profile (PEP) students were assigned to the institution for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Of that number, 132 have enrolled and have been engaged in online teaching and learning.

“Only 37 per cent, or 50 students in the entire cohort, have achieved mastery in literacy … . In the areas of numeracy, the picture is a little worrisome, with only 12 students who have achieved mastery,” the principal revealed.

The school is currently taking advantage of the phased return to face-to-face classes to have the grade seven students diagnosed by Alternative Pathways for Secondary Education (APSE) coaches.

Henry shared that an analysis of the data collected so far confirms that learning loss in the core areas of mathematics and English language was significant, especially since many students have not been engaged in the online remote engagement since March last year.


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