Guyana: Mother loses two sons in two months

A West Bank Demerara mother is mourning the death of a second son in two  months and has lamented the paucity of facilities for drug addicts.

Ingrid Subryan’s son Roger Samuel, 44, was found dead in the Lusignan Prison yesterday morning after he had been remanded there over the alleged theft of a car.

Another son of Subryan, Randy Samuel, 42, died in November last year after he was hit down by a Puran Brothers garbage truck.

Both of the Samuels had lived with Ingrid at Lot 2606 Phase Two, Recht Door Zee, La Parfaite Hamonie.

According to a statement yesterday by the Guyana Prison Service (GPS), at about 6 am, the officer on duty was in the process of unlocking the prisoners to get washed up when Samuel was discovered lying on his bed motionless. A doctor and the police commander were called to the scene where he was pronounced dead.


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