Trinidad & Tobago: PNM Women’s League defends Legore: No need for apology

The National Women’s League of the People’s National Movement has come out in defence of CNC3 ‘Morning Brew’ host Natalee Legore after her comments on the United National Congress (UNC), saying there is no need for her to apologise. 

In a statement, the group condemned the attack. 

Legore was seen on video alongside journalist Akash Samaroo on the ‘Morning Brew’ yesterday, accusing the UNC of challenging the democratic process in a similar manner to US President Donald Trump.

Trump has made comments challenging the validity of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as president and vice president-elect.

The PNM’s Women’s League said, however, that Legore was simply stating facts:

‘The CNC3 host of the ‘Morning Brew’ drew the ire of the UNC when she simply stated that like US President Donald Trump and his supporters, the UNC also sought to cast doubt on the democratic process and the legality of the Trinidad and Tobago 2020 general elections polls because they too were sore losers and refused to accept the results.


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