This clever edit of Tucker Carlson pairs his anti-BLM rants with Capitol siege footage

What: A little artistic license applied to some Tucker Carlson rants about the George Floyd protesters last summer.

Who: Media Matters for America video editor John Kerr.

Like many Americans who have inextricably linked themselves with Donald Trump over the last four years, Tucker Carlson woke up the day after Wednesday’s coup attempt and realized maybe that wasn’t such a great idea.

On Thursday night’s show, under a chyron that asked, “Is any single president worth this much attention?” the Fox News opinion-haver concluded that the outgoing president only thinks about himself and has reached his expiration date. Before anyone unfurls those “Welcome to the Resistance, Tucker Carlson” banners, however, the host also said some other stuff the previous night.

Like many others in conservative media, Carlson expressed on the previous night’s show that it’s important to understand where the thugs who stormed Capitol Hill are coming from, emotionally speaking.


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