Suriname: Prices of basic products will be down soon

The prices of basic products in the stores will be lowered soon. The price reduction is part of a larger package of measures, Minister Armand Achaibersing of Finance and Planning emphasizes. The government is now putting the finishing touches on a series of measures for the health of the Surinamese economy.

The common thread in this is stabilizing and lowering the price. For example, next week, the government’s first action will follow: the restart of money transports. In parallel, other measures are in progress to structurally restore calm in the currency market, Achaibersing indicates.

By lowering the price of basic goods, the government hopes to make its initiated recovery and stabilization process immediately tangible for citizens. The government will make US dollars available to importers of these goods at a rate of 14.29. However, this only happens after their goods have arrived in Suriname and cleared through customs. In this way, the currency is prevented from being used for other purposes, says Archaibersing.


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